The Magic of Adventure Elopements and Micro Weddings
April 10, 2023

With the rise of elopement-style and micro-weddings during COVID-19, HDE has been reimagining the possibilities of weddings with our clients. We admire couples that are choosing to prioritize experiences over large weddings, and we wanted to encourage those that may be toying with the idea.

Our inspiration for this ski-wedding photoshoot was derived from the notion that some couples should spend their wedding day doing what they love. No expectations, no un-solicited opinions from family or friends, no compromises – just two people celebrating their love in a way that is authentic to their relationship.


We started at a condo near the mountain for our detail shots and getting ready photos. This morning was relaxing, calm, and intimate. Making breakfast for ourselves and cuddling with our dog while photographer, Michael Burns, began to capture the day was a stark contrast to the typical chaos of a ‘wedding morning’. While we chose to keep the morning simple for the styled shoot, you could easily hire hair and makeup to come to your home, and/or cater breakfast from your favorite restaurant (no dishes!).


Once the day warmed up a bit, we headed to the mountain to start our adventure. The mountain staff kindly let us have our own gondola for the ride up to snap some solo shots in.

After getting the hang of skiing in a dress*, we made our way to our ceremony site. This is where HDE’s expertise came into play. Owner and Head Planner, Angie Robinson, scouted the perfect ceremony location for us that was away from the crowds. With a simple, ski-themed alter as the backdrop for our vows, we enjoyed the sunshine and stunning views. Meanwhile, Angie prepared a ‘charcuteski’ spread for us to enjoy post-ceremony. Paired with a champagne toast (remember to collect your corks – LNT!), this afternoon was a swoon-worthy event for any ski-loving couple.


To celebrate, we skied a few more laps – previously scouted by Angie and Michael to ensure the best photograph potential — with many “Congratulations!” and well wishes being hollered by fellow skiers from the chair lifts. We ended the day with a park lap, halfpipe run, and pizza slices to refuel after the day of adventures. For our couples, we would recommend making a dinner reservation, booking a post-ski couples massage, or making reservations at the local hot springs to follow up your big day on the mountain.

The beauty of Winter weddings is often overlooked when compared to Spring wildflowers, Summer weather, and Fall leaves. We hope that this shoot highlights the magic of a Winter wedding, and encourages couples to stay true to themselves while planning their big day, no matter what season they choose. We encourage you to take this example and run with it. Maybe skiing is not your cup of tea, but instead, you and your partner love rafting, snowmobiling, or mountain biking – make it your own! HDE is here to work with couples to create a memorable and authentic day that checks all the boxes.

Have a unique idea for your big day? Reach out to us and start the conversation – we would love to hear from you.


*Tips: Practice skiing without your poles leading up to your big day! Brides will likely be holding their dress up with one hand, and have a bouquet in the other. Speaking of dresses and bouquet – make sure to select a dress without a train that you can easily move your legs in (skip the mermaid cut), and let your florist know that the base of your bouquet needs to be bit a bit smaller than normal. It is very tricky to carry a thick bouquet with snow gloves on!

Planning: Heavenly Days Events

Photography: Michael Burns Photography

Florals: The Glacier Lily

Ski Poles: Grass Sticks

Bride & Writer: Rebecca Hext

Groom: Patrick Nagle