12 Small Businesses to Support this Holiday Season
November 20, 2020

Photo by Danielle Zimmerer

As we head into the holiday season, I urge you to consider all of your favorite shops and restaurants that make Steamboat home. Most of our local retailers rely heavily on the revenue generated during the winter months. Since we may not have the ski season that we are used to, it is super important to shop small and support local businesses during what is shaping up to be a tough winter. This year, instead of purchasing a gift online, or from a big retailer, please consider supporting your favorite local shops this holiday season.They need you now more than ever!

1. Ohana

Obviously the first on my list is Ohana. They have been the go to store for locals looking for gifts for several years now. Their new shop on Lincoln Ave is super cute and it is truly your one stop shop for gifts in Steamboat. They have logo’d tees, jewelry, prints, cards, fun books, and more. In addition to this, they sell items from our many talented local makers, so you know you are making good decisions every time you purchase something from Ohana. 


2. Linden Co 

Since I’ve been spending more time at home lately I have become a little obsessed with plants, and have been making almost weekly visits to Linden Co to freshen up my space. I’m at the point where I’m ordering shelves and side tables just to have more homes for my plants. Caroline and her team at Linden Co are super knowledgeable and will help you find the perfect plant for you, or gift for your friend. And, they’re not just a flower shop, they also have fun gift items: bitters, Smeeny Beanie Knits hats, cards, and grab n’ go bouquets!


3. The Homesteader

This store has been one of my favorites since moving to town over a decade ago. They have all of the gadgets needed to make your dream kitchen a reality, AND they have the most delicious candies that are made in-house. Consider shopping at the Homesteader in lieu of online retailers for the items you need for your first holiday meal at home. Oh, and they have great gift items too!


4. Big Iron Coffee 

In my pre-COVID life I had all of my meetings at Big Iron, and I really miss the “treat-yo-self” feeling of getting a nice latte on the reg. Big Iron sells bags of their delicious coffee so you can enjoy a cup in the comfort of your own home, or give the gift to a friend! You can purchase the bags of coffee from Big Iron (while getting your to-go latte), as well as from Natural Grocers. My favorite is the Black Powder…super strong for crushing everything on your WFH to-do list.


5. Smeeny Beanie Knits

Remember this summer when you could tell if someone was a local if they were wearing an 

Ohana mask? Well, same goes for Smeeny Beanie Knits. I had the pleasure of working with Chereen this summer on an adventure elopement photo shoot and she is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. All of their beanies are handmade from ethical and sustainable wool. I highly encourage you to grab yourself a beanie, and grab one for a friend too. This is a shop you want to support this holiday season.


Photo by Brooke Welch Photography


6. Elevated Olive

Elevated Olive is the perfect place to shop for any foodie in your life. With over 50 different olive oils and balsamics, cutting boards, and serving platters you are bound to find a unique gift for your favorite host. Did I mention they also sell cheese, wines & spirits? 



7. Pretty Dead Flowers

HollyAnn has created some really fun DIY dried floral kits. Not only can you add some decor to your home, but you can also have something to do in lieu of Netflix during this next shut down. She also sells custom wreaths, bouquets, crowns, and boutonnieres all beautifully made with dried flowers. Get crafty!


8. Laura The Butcher 

Charcuterie is all the rage right now (was it ever not?) and maybe it’s not your forte. I’ve been putting a lot of practice in this summer (ask the neighbors), but Laura brings the art of charcuterie to the next level. Leave your charcuterie to the pros and order from Laura the Butcher. It’s a great way to liven up your holiday dinner for two and it makes a great gift for friends and family who you would normally celebrate with.


9. Paragon and Bone

Paragon and Bone has bone and gem jewelry with a hint of witchy and I freaking love it. They make some really great statement jewelry to pair with your yoga pants for your next Zoom call…or your big event in 2021.


Photo by Brooke Welch Photography

10. Bee Grateful Farm

Shoot, if you haven’t had one of Bee Grateful Farm’s honey caramels then you are really in for a treat. These melt-in-your-mouth candies come in Salted, Lavender, Chocolate, and Ginger, and are the perfect bougie item to round out your holiday gifts this year. I purchased four bags for gifts back in October and now have to venture back into the world for two replacements…


11. Happy Healthy Productive Planner: 

This year really sent me for a loop. I’m a planner by profession and a “Type A Control Freak” by nature, so having so much out of my control was really tough to deal with. Kayleen from Mtn Dog Media introduced her Happy, Healthy, Productive planner right at the peak of my funk, and it’s helped me to gain control again. Not only can I outline my work goals for the day, but I can also add in daily items for self-care, exercise, and gratitude. The daily planner even has a spot to make sure you’ve eaten lunch… in case you’re one of those weirdos who forgets to eat lunch during the work day.


12. Posy / Heartwood Studios

I discovered Posy and Heartwood Studios earlier this week and am a bit obsessed. Posy is a cute way to preserve your flowers into items you use regularly. Coasters, ring holders, key plates and more. Heartwood Studios is Posy’s sister shop, they make handmade cutting boards, magnetic knife boards and serving trays made out of wood! 



This is just a sampling of the many great local vendors here in town. Check out the links below to discover more local gems.

Main Street Steamboat

Steamboat Springs Chamber

This has been a very hard year financially for a lot of folks around the world. Please consider leaving a review, talking about your favorite shops with your friends, or interacting with your shops on social – like, follow and share to help support them without making a direct purchase!